About the series

Christmas is coming early this year. Just maybe not in the way you’d expected…


Miso Film
Roni Ezra
Lars Reinholdt
Peter Diemar
Kristian Hansen
VFX Supervisor
Dennis Bahnson
VFX Producer
Katharina Bormann
Post-Production Producer, Shortcut
Birgitte Ilm
Digital Mastering
Thomas Caspersen
Kristian Hansen, Bjørn Ottosen & Helle Hansen

VFX Work

As creative partner on the series we were in charge of all visual effects.
We were involved from early development and pre-production to participate and contribute in establishing the visual language and planning the execution on set. Furthermore we collaborated closely with the prop department in the creation of the physical elves puppets.
Our in-house VFX Supervisor, Dennis Bahnson, was involved during the entire process as on-set supervisor and supervisor during pre- and post-production.

Our work included:
-Creature work (asset creation and animation)
-Digital Mattepainting

Watch our breakdown reel above for deeper insights