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The future of film production is here. Shortcut Copenhagen is now pushing virtual production to the next level

Shortcut LED Stage

– a 360° LED stage, 16 metres in diameter, with walls and ceiling totally covered with LED panels and the world’s first full 360° LED stage.

The advanced LED technology and full 360-degree lighting setup means that Shortcut LED Stage can reproduce complex scenarios in a totally lifelike way with perfect reflections and naturalistic lighting. Shortcut LED Stage is also perfect suited for commercial shoots where actors and products can be filmed in unique stylistic worlds or far-away locations can be recreated.

Our Facilites

Besides our LED Stage we have facilities to cater almost every aspect of production.

Stage 3: for set builds, conferences or just working space. Make-up rooms, larger and smaller offices or crew rooms, an outdoor lounge, editing-, sound-, and VFX suites. And our highly renowned canteen can provide catering.

Also, coming up in 2023, we will have a dedicated prep-area adjacent to the LED Stage.

Nordisk Film Shortcut

– was founded in 1991 but our roots extend back to 1906 when film producer Ole Olsen founded the first film company in the world – Nordisk Film.

Today we are a leading VFX and post-production company with more than ten years of experience with Virtual Production, VFX and the creation of fantastic worlds. Nordisk Film Shortcut has been closely involved in the development of a range of VFX based productions and is, for instance, behind the virtual worlds and VFX work of Netflix productions such as ”The Rain”, ”Equinox” and ”Black Crab”.