• The world’s first full 360° LED stage.
  • 16 metres in diameter and 5.5 meters tall. Walls and ceiling are covered with LED panels.
  • Full or partial LED floor can be laid.
  • The screens emit up to 6,000 nits, providing a tremendously wide and detailed light spectrum.
  • Vehicles, boats and planes up to 15 metres can be placed inside the LED stage.
  • 100% running on danish green energy
AR / MR / XR

Stage info

Shortcut LED Stage is a newly constructed 400 m2 studio that is completely equipped for Virtual Production.

  • LED Main Wall: Roe Black Pearl V2 (Pixel Pitch: 2.84 mm)
  • LED ceiling & Sides: ROE CB5 (Pixel Pitch: 5.7 mm)
  • LED Floor: ROE Black Marble BM4 (Pixel Pitch: 4,76 mm)
  • Megapixel VR – LED Screen Processor, Disguise – Mediaserver – d3 vx2 + RXII, stYpe Tracking – Follower.
  • Stage Camera: Red komodo 6K + Zeiss cp3 25mm lens (Scope)
  • Shooting Plates with: Obsidian Pro 12K VR 360 Camera
  • Air-conditioning (Heating / Cooling)
  • Make-up, changing & production rooms
  • Large parking (for crew/grip trucks)
  • In-house lights & grip equipment
  • In-house VFX & Content Creation

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our stage is located at Nordisk Film Studios in Valby right outside and up the hill from Wonderful Copenhagen.


100% green energy: Nordisk Film’s owner, media group Egmont, has invested in a Danish solar plant that, starting in 2023, will cover the power consumption for the Shortcut LED Stage. This is an advantage for productions wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our VFX team

– always aims at seamlessly combining VFX with the cinematography, production design and 3D elements of the production. We believe that details are paramount in creating exciting visual effects and strive to do as much research as possible for each shot in collaboration with the director and cinematographer.

Floor Plans

LED Main Wall (616 pcs. of ROE BPv2)
LED Floor (154 pcs. of ROE BM4 )
LED Gate Closed (40 + 40 PCS. of ROE CB5)
LED Ceiling (314 CB5 60×120 cm + 38 CB5 60×60 cm.)