Post Production

We offer color correction for all types of projects – from studio movies to small art films. Our color correction staff has a wide experience from both international and domestic productions. Our color correction department offers one theater for cinema releases (incl. HDR monitor for TV) and one coloring suite HDR for high-end television productions.


Shortcut LED Stage makes it possible to recreate complicated settings in an incredibly lifelike manner with excellent reflections and naturalistic lighting thanks to its cutting-edge LED technology and full 360° lighting arrangement.


Our experienced and dedicated staff offers both analog and digital film restoration and preservation. With respect for the soul of the original material, we welcome the challenges of bringing old damaged film back to life on the screen. We recreate missing images and remove dust and scratches using state-of-the-art technical equipment. Depending on the job we use Spirit DataCine and Arriscan and our color correction systems range from DaVinci 2K+ over Lustre Incinerator to PF Clean.

Audio & Edit