Unlocking Storytelling Magic: Discover Our Post-Production Services at Shortcut

At Shortcut, we're a team of dedicated professionals with a passion for post-production.

Founded in 1991, we've grown to become a leading post-production facility in Scandinavia, with a rich history of work in DIT, Online, VFX, Grading, Digital Mastering and in 2022 we opened the doors to our LED Virtual Production stage. Our roots trace back to 1906 when Ole Olsen established the first film company in the world – Nordisk Film.

Nestled in Copenhagen at Nordisk Film Studios, the oldest continuously operating movie company globally, we're also proud to have offices in Oslo, Norway.
Specializing in post-production, our comprehensive range of services includes DIT, Editing, Sound Design, Online, Grading and Digital Mastering - alongside our longstanding expertise in restoration of old films and TV shows.
Whether you require minor touch-ups or full-scale post-production support, we have the expertise and technology to guide your needs.

At Shortcut, our mission is simple – We bring stories to life!

Audio & Edit

Audio/Editing suites and an Audio mixing theatre.

Post Production

DIT, Conform/Online, Color Correction and Digital Mastering


Analog and digital film restoration and preservation.


Your production is in good hands as we provide industry standard delivery.

Meet the teams for Shortcut and Nordisk Film Production

Audio & Edit

Christian R. Dalsgaard

Sound Design Assistant / Technical Support

Nino Jacobsen

Supervising Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer

Oskar Skriver

Supervising Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer

Susanne Beate Askøe

Avid Supervisor

LED Stage

Julie Klitgaard

VP Producer

Mads Buus

VP Designer

Rasmus Lindhardt Møller

VFX Artist

Simon Sandin

VFX Supervisor

Post Production

Christian Østergaard

Technical Department

Helle Hansen


Jeppe Nim Jørgensen


Lise Burmeister

DIT & Digital Mastering

Olesya Kireeva

Senior Colorist

Steen Rønne


Thomas Caspersen

Digital Mastering

Thomas Aage-Nielsen

Sr. Business Controller

Thomas Schlein


Project Management

Hans Vermeij

Restoration & Grading Manager

Maggie Winther Hansen

Sr. In-house Post Producer

Maria-Louise Westring Madsen

Post Production Coordinator


Signe Baasch

Head of Edit & Audio / Post Producer