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A cocktail of technical geeks, artists, tough coordinators and heavy machinery!

Nordisk Film ShortCut was founded in 1991 and today we are one of the leading post production facilitators in Scandinavia. Our roots extend back to 1906 when film producer Ole Olsen founded the first film company in the world – Nordisk Film.

ShortCut is located in a beautiful old building in the northern part of Copenhagen and further north we have offices in Oslo, Norway.

ShortCut is a one-stop post production house that has the technology and know-how to bring your footage to cinema and television screens. We can accommodate your every need – whether you are looking for someone to do simple reps and fixes, a partner to run the entire post production or anything in between.

Our long roster of titles includes work by internationally acclaimed directors including BAFTA nominee Nikolaj Arcel, two-time Academy Award nominee Joshua Oppenheimer, two-time BAFTA nominee Thomas Vinterberg, Academy Award winner Bille August, two-time Palme d’Or nominee Nicolas Winding Refn, Academy Award nominee and Palme d’Or winner Lars von Trier and most recently Academy Award nominee Martin Zandvliet.

We bring stories to life!



Audio Edit

Located in the heart of the historical Nordisk Film in Valby, our Audio/Edit department holds one of Scandinavia’s most streamlined sound and editing studios. Sound designers from all over Scandinavia still prefer Nordisk Film with our 90 m2/970 sqft foley studio and our state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos-certified mixing cinema.

Our 8 editing suites have powerful 70 TB servers and are managed by our highly respected and experienced Avid Supervisor. We have edited and mixed a substantial number of Danish feature films, drama series, television documentaries, as well as short films, music videos and commercials. Our Audio/Edit department also offers top-tier service for dubbing, foley and ADR work on any type of project.

Our technical supervisors guarantee that efficient technical assistance of the finest caliber is always at your service and our hospitality staff enables you to focus solely on your project in a relaxed and accommodating working environment.



Headed up by our visual effects wizard Martin Madsen our VFX team always aims at seamlessly combining VFX with the cinematography, production design and 3D elements of the production.

We believe that details are paramount in creating exciting visual effects whether you are taking an artistic or a realistic approach to the project. We strive to do as much research as possible for each shot in collaboration with the director and cinematographer.

We are constantly making sure that our machinery is up-to-date and are always on the lookout for new technology.


Color Correction

As Scandinavia’s leading post production facilitator we offer color correction for all types of projects – from studio movies to small art films. Our color correction staff has a wide experience from both international and domestic productions.

Our color correction department offers two theaters for cinema releases and two coloring suites for high-end television productions.

Our flagship theater features a 6,5×4,0 m/20×13 foot screen, a 4K Baselight 2 and a 4K Christie projector.
Our second theater features DaVinci software and panel and a 3,4×5,4 m/9×16 foot screen, 2K.

For top-tier television drama we have a coloring suite equipped with DaVinci software and panel and a state of the art 42″ 2K Dolby monitor.
For television coloring we also offer a suite equipped with DaVinci software and tangent panel, 24″ Sony HD monitor and tube.

In our film transfer department we have an ARRI scanner which scans up to 6K to disc and a Spirit telecine with the DaVinci 2K that scans real-time in HD to tape or disc.



Our dailies room is based on the Assimilate SCRATCH® system – a one-stop solution for TV or feature dailies. We use real-time playback for QC and advanced color correction from any number of digital formats in any resolution. We will set you up with a client login so you can review your dailies, anywhere you want.



Our DVS Clipster eats SD, HD, 2K and 4K for breakfast with it’s real-time processing engine. Your production is in good hands as we provide industry standard delivery formats like DCP for cinema distribution, playout to tape formats like HDSR and Digibeta as well as digital files to spec for TV-stations delivery, web and various other distribution services.

Finalized projects are always screened in our theater for quality control before leaving the house.



High-end conform and finishing for television and cinema is a breeze with the help of our talented online artists. To meet every job requirement we choose between our DaVinci, Flame or Smoke suites, all suitable for laying the finishing touches on your production.



Our experienced and dedicated staff offers both analog and digital film restoration and preservation. With respect for the soul of the original material, we welcome the challenges of bringing old damaged film back to life on the screen. We recreate missing images and remove dust and scratches using state-of-the-art technical equipment.

Depending on the job we use Spirit DataCine and Arriscan and our color correction systems range from DaVinci 2K+ over Lustre Incinerator to PF Clean.



Your investors might become a little upset if you forgot to credit them!

Our graphic designer does title designs, end credits, title sequences and any kind of graphics your project needs – on or off the screen. It’s a fun sport finding that special font that exactly reflects your project and animating it.