Post Production

Shortcut is a modern post production house that has the technology and know-how to bring your footage to cinema and television screens.

We can accommodate a huge palette of your post production needs.
Have a closer look at our departments and services:

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Color Grading

As Scandinavia’s leading post production facilitator we provide color correction for all types of projects – from studio movies to small art films. Our color correction team consists of two Danish and two Norwegian colorists, with a wide experience in local and international productions. We also collaborate with freelance senior colorists.

Shortcut owns one theater for cinema releases and two HDR coloring suites for high-end television productions.

Color grading

Our color correction department offers one theater for cinema releases and two HDR coloring suites for high-end television productions.

Our flagship fully DCI compliant Digital Intermediate grading theatre features a 6 x 3 m screen with a Christie 4K/2K/2D projection all built on a Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve workflow with 7.1 Dolby audio monitoring.

Our two high-end HDR color grading suites are equipped with DaVinci Advanced Panel and state of the art Sony 4K HDR monitors (X300 and HX-310)


Today’s online sessions are facing many challenges. Some of them being handling multiple codecs, aspect ratios, frame rates and colorspaces, that require lots of converting and checking to make sure that the best quality is used in the final show. But don’t you worry. Our skilled Online-editor takes the edit from the offline editor and conforms the full resolution footage to the offline cut, and makes your movie or tv-series ready for post production.


Our Mastering department provides you with everything from reference files to final masters, using DVS Clipster and Davinci Resolve.

We produce 2K/4K DCP Masters including Atmos, IMF Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos, and more knowledgeable formats such as ProRes, DNxHD or HR. Finalized projects are always screened for quality control before leaving our hands.

Furthermore, file formats scaled for online or social media purposes like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo etc. – don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or requests.


Our dailies department uses Pomfort-Silverstack which is the most wide-ranging software for security backup footage and ingesting data in a fast, organized, and transparent way. We do real time playback from any digital formats in any resolution to ensure the best technical quality possible, as well as production safety.


Nordisk Film Production Audio Department consists of 7 sound editing suites, an ADR studio and an atmos mixing stage.

All our suites are Pro Tools based with Meyer speakers and our Atmos mixing stage is operated by dual Avid S6 desks with a Dolby Atmos QSC speaker system.

Our award-winning in-house Sound Designers and Sound Assistant can provide Stereo, 5.1, Atmos or Home Entertainment Atmos, depending on your needs.

Be it Feature Film, Short, Animation, Documentary or ADR, we supply all areas of film and TV.

All facilities are available for hire, and we can provide support and/or operation of equipment, if needed.


The Nordisk Film Production Editing Department offers 7 fully equipped Avid Media Composer editing suites.

I addition, we have 5 convertible audio/editing suites and an audio mixing theatre, all of which are available for hire.

In collaboration with the DIT, Audio, Color Grade and Mastering departments, our in-house Avid Supervisor and Editing Assistant provide support for all of our facilities, and in all stages of post production filmmaking.

Your project being a Short, Feature film or a documentary, we will cater for all your needs.

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