Kristiania Magiske Tivoli Theater

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About the series

In the early 20th century, Luka, a poor, crippled young boy from the wrong side of the tracks, stumbles upon a theatre at the end of a carnival, where he befriends a bunch of kids who work and live at the theatre, and he feels more at home there than he has anywhere else. However, at the same time, an evil, ruthless upper-class woman on the brink of bankruptcy plots to sell the theatre to gain some extra money, and if that happens, everyone at the theatre will be thrown out into the streets. Luka works together with his new friends to try to save it.


Monster, NRK
Atle Knudsen, Tonja Voreland
Magnus Flåto, Odd Reinhardt Nicolaysen
VFX Supervisor
Simon Sandin
VFX Producer
Katharina Bormann