Jomfruer fra Rummet

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About the movie

High school is coming to an end for Gustav and Buller. All the two outsiders can think about is sex, and it’s all they talk about too. But everything is turned upside down when an alien, disguised as a dreamboat named Allan suddenly falls from the sky.


Nordisk Film Production
Peter Molde-Amelung
Nicolai Lok
Peter Diemar
Kristian Hansen & Jeppe Nim Jørgensen
VFX Supervisor
Dan Dirckinck-Holmfeld
VFX Producer
Signe Vinther
Post-Production Producer, Shortcut
Annette Averhoff
Digital Mastering
Thomas Caspersen & Asia El Marrouni
Lise Burmeister & Sarah Drewsen

VFX Work

As creative partner on the film we were in charge of all visual effects.
We were involved from early development and pre-production to participate and contribute in establishing the visual language and planning the execution on set. Our in-house VFX Supervisor, Dan Dirckinck-Holmfeld, was involved during the entire process as on-set supervisor and supervisor during pre- and post-production.
Our work included:

-Full 3D environment (Outer Space)
-3D Spaceship
-FX/Simulations of particles and atmospherics
-Digital Mattepainting

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